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Our knowledgebase contains articles that will help you learn more about pedigrees, dog health and using this site in general. Many of the articles such as our explanation of reading pedigrees contain information on the pedigree reports you’ll find on this site. Other articles will teach you topics ranging from printing pedigrees to adding DNA markers to pedigree charts.

Our pedigree database can generate many different types of reports, charts and statistics. Understand how to generate and analyze the different types of reports offered on our site from test mating reports to offspring reports.
Find answers to general pedigree topics including information on common abbreviations and pedigree terms. We'll discuss how to read pedigrees and understand some of the topics and words you'll find on this site.
Answers to managing and updating your account on our site. Learn how to update your personal information, change your password and more.
Articles and topics related to dog health and ancestry. Our pedigree database features millions of dogs and many breeds of dogs have unique or inherited health issues because of the large amount of inbreeding that's occurred in canines over the years.
We offer custom hosted pedigree software so you can build and maintain your registry or studbook online
Find out how to use all the features of our pedigree database including sharing or generating pedigree charts for others on your website or incorporating DNA information into your pedigrees.