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Created: Feb 24, 2019    |    Updated: Jan 14, 2021   |   Tools and Features

Our pedigree software allows you to create a hypothetical, or "test" mating between a male and a female and view the result as a complete pedigree. You can choose to save this mating for future use, and also share it with other breedres, clients, or prospective buyers of the yield.

Search for an animal to hypothetically mate with, this can be either the sire or the dam.

After bringing up the pedigree, you can choose the Hypomating report tab above the options bar. Note: Depending on the type of animal, you may have to log in and/or have a Premium Subscription in order to run the Hypomating Report.

Enter the name of the second animal to hypothetially mate with. You will be presented with a series of options to choose from if multiple matches have been found.

If you want to save this Hypomating for later use...

Hypomating Save Button

Click the Save Hypomating button in the options bar. This will allow you to easily recall the pedigree at a later time without having to re-select the sire and dam each time you wish to view / share it. You can title it however you wish; you can use the sire / dam names, or something more relevant to your breeding schedule such as "Litter due April 2019".

Hypomating Save Screen

To view your list of saved hypothetical matings, refer to your Account Dashboard and click on Saved Hypomatings in the menu to manage and view your saved entries.

Sharing your Hypothetical Mating Pedigree with others...

Once you have created a hypothetical mating, use the Share button in the options bar to bring up a list of ways to share the yield's pedigree. You can choose to Embed on your Website, where you can select colors and a 3, 4, or 5 generation table. You can also choose to simply copy the link to the Hypomating Report, as well as share it on various social media sites such as FacebookInstagram or Email.

Hypomating Share

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