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Note: The term "offspring" and "progeny" are used interchangeably in dog breeding. Pedigree Online uses "offspring" throughout most of the database, but you may also see the word "progeny" used at times.

What does the offspring report show?

The offspring report shows all progeny (i.e. offspring, pups, produce), of a particular dog. It's important to remember that our database is managed by our users and not always 100% complete. It is likely some pups haven't been submitted yet and may not show up on this report. If you know the information for a puppy that doesn't exist under a sire or dam's offspring report, please feel free to add a new pedigree for the dog. Not that you can sort by any field in the offspring report by clicking on the column heading that you would like to sort by.

An offspring report is a great way to start looking for a potential mate for your sire or dam. You can view how many offspring the dog has produced and visually see any awards, titles, health information, photos, etc. of each of its pups. Once you have identified some good mates for your dog, use our hypothetical mating report to view what your litter's pedigree charts would look like.

What are each of the columns on the progeny report?

Registered Name - This includes the name of the child and will also have icons signifying photos  , extra information   and health information   if available. You can hover over these icons to view additional information. Male children will show up with a blue background and females will show up with a pink background.

Registry Number - This field shows the registry and registry number of the offspring, if available. This will generally look something like "AKC N311990" meaning American Kennel Club registration number N311990.

Color - If available, this shows the color of the child.

Breed - The breed of the child, usually the same as the parent, but sometimes different.

Date of Birth - The date of birth of the child.

Sire Name - The father's name of the child. 

Dam Name - The mother's name of the child.

Dam's Sire - The maternal grandfather of the child.

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