Custom Dog Hypomating Reports

Generate a custom test or hypothetical litter using our hypomating report tool. Simply enter the sire and dam for a litter you are planning to breed and use the results to view subsequent reports and statistics for the planned mating.

Create and share hypothetical pedigree reports for your planned or upcoming litters.

Our hypomating tool helps breeders predict characteristics of potential litters with a coefficient of inbreeding, linebreeding statistics and additional report data.
Breeders can now save each of their generated hypothetical litters with a custom name to help keep each of their hypothetical breeding data organized and unique.
Once a hypomating report has been created, breeders can easily share their upcoming litters via print or online with social media, personal websites and email.

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Pedigree Reports

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View all siblings of your dog. Use our advanced filters to research half, three-quarter, or full siblings. Use our sorting feature to order the siblings in a organized manner that fits your needs.


Our linebreeding report makes it easy to research important inbreeding information for your dog.


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